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Is your goal to develop a sustainable, highly profitable and values-driven organisation lead by fearless leaders? 


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who we are

Being a part of SAM, HR Kompetenzcenter, our prime focus is on supporting leaders in developing their authentic, values-driven leadership style and in creating a values-driven culture in their organisations, culture where talented professional feel they belong to, where they want to grow and bring their potential for organisational success.


We unite professional coaches, trainers and consultants from around the Europe with wide experience in supporting leaders and companies in cultural growth and sustainability.


Our solutions are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Our focus is to first understand how we can serve you best and then to create a programme meeting your specific requirements. 


We are happy to support you in creating a uniqe, authentic, values-driven leadership style, so that you develop a culture where your people feel inspired, empowered and engaged.


In our work we use a variaty of tools, like Cultural Transformation Tools, Leadership Values Assessment, Personality Profiling Analysis, Emotional Intelligence tests, Individual Values Elicitation.

Our solutions may include leadership coaching, trainings, facilitation, moderation and consulting.


Organisations that create a culture defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, job and organizational fit, and strong leadership are outperforming their peers and will likely beat their competition in attracting top talent.

It is easy to manage and measure tangible outcomes. Values and beliefs lie beneath the surface and are the components of the culture that make a real difference between success and failure.

We can measure your culture so you can see what needs to be done for your organisation to be a real success. What you can measure, you can manage.

When your leaders create an environment of innovation, creativity and learning, leading from the position of empowerment, your people are engaged and motivated to bring their best selves to the benefit of your organisation.


Our local team is located in Augsburg and Munich, Germany and happy to give their hearts, heads and hands to Leadership development, Cultural Transformation and Female Leadership.

Our expanded team comprise international consultants, trainers and coaches from many countries across Europe and beyond. All together we carry wide range of competences, skills and knowledge in the area of Lieadership and Cultural Transformation.


We believe that if you are clear about your real values and put them into the first place of your behaviour and decision making, you will flourish and excel at everything you do.

what are Values?

Values are what is important to us, what motivates us to action and lie at the bottom line of our decisions.They reflect in our behaviour, our communication style and the way we treat others. 

Imagine a leader whose values are: integrity, growth and trust.

Imagine a leader whose values are: control, power and image.


How differently would these leaders act, communicate and treat others?

What kind of culture in their teams and organisations would they create? Culture based on trust or culture based on fear?

What are your values? How do you know?

our values

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