Patrik Somers Stephenson

As a facilitator of transformation, I create and hold a safe space where people feel safe and can open their heart. That’s where magic happens. In Client Land this is called Personal Transformation and Leadership Development.

I have over 30 year of experience as a teacher, trainer and coach in the area of emotional intelligence, behavioural change, personal and spiritual development in the field of education and bereavement counselling in Belgium, and over 10 years international experience in the area of personal, cultural and societal transformation.

I am a Senior Teacher and Author, Master Coach, Values Consultant, Facilitator of Transformation, Education and Training Consultant, CTT Trainer, Creator and Trainer of Evolutionary Coaching and Clifton Strengths Finder Coach. Co-founder of Live Whole in US and curriculum builder of a program for financial advisors of conscious investment. Co-founder of a global educational individuating program for the future generations and transformation of youth. 

My ultimate dream is Valuemanity: a values-based humanity. Since my Camino experience in 2018, it is my soul purpose to be a pilgrim for life, walking my divine essence and sharing with others how the way is the way.

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