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Mapping Values.

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Mapping organisational Values with Cultural Transformation Tools

What we measure and how:

Using Cultural Values Assessment we tap into individual values of a company's employees (what important to them, what motivates them, what makes them feel engaged and fulfilled), values that represent the current culture of the organisation (what employees observe) and the values of the desired culture (what employees believe the organisation needs to nurture in order to grow and flourish).

Using Leadership Values Assessment we tap into the values held by leaders of an organisation. Values and beliefs of the leaders are automatically transmitted to the teams of people they lead and impact the culture of those teams and the whole organisation. LVA is a 360 feedback of how a leader communicates his/her values to the people around. It will uncover the leader's blind spots and will show his/her strengths as well as the areas where he/she needs to grow further.

We measure Cultural entropy - energy wasted on unproductive and destructive actions and behaviour (conflicts, blaming, frustration...). The higher the entropy is in an organisation the lower the trust, engagement and commitment of the employees.

When leaders and supervisors are over controlling and fearful, the Cultural Entropy score increases and employee engagement decreases. 

When leaders and supervisors demonstrate trusting behaviours and encourage employees to take responsibility for their work, giving them opportunity to take initiatives, that boosts performance, the Cultural Entropy score decreases and employee engagement increases.

Sharing results and having a dialog

Comprehensive written reports will give you an overview of shared values of employees in your organisation, values they observe in the current culture and values they want to see in the organisation in the future.

You will see the gaps between current and desired culture. You will see what your people need to feel engaged and committed.

You will see where the energy of your people focuses.

You will see what you are great at, what you can celebrate today and where you need to put your attention to improve, to grow and to develop sustainable, highly profitable, values-driven culture of your organisation/team further.

Prioritising and creating an action plan

Together with you and your organisation's cultural ambassadors we will identify the key priorities and develop a smart plan of actions which may involve activities focused on leadership competences development, structural re-adjustments, workshops, master groups, team-building events, cultural promo events, etc. Creativity and experience of our international consultants, coaches and trainers will be supporting you and your organisation in every step of your exciting journey.

Leadership Training, Coaching, Facilitation

"The culture of an organisation, or any group of individuals that share a common identity, is a reflection of the values and beliefs of the leaders" - Richard Barrett

Any cultural change should begin with leadership development, as leaders are the key cultural and values ambassadors of their organisation. Whatever values and beliefs you hold as a leader, they are guiding your choices, decisions and actions whether you are aware of it or not. Your values are at a core of who you are as a leader.

With our training and coaching solutions we will support you and other leaders of your organisation in developing an authentic values-driven leadership style, so you are the leader who truly inspires, empowers and develops people and who creates a culture to where people want to bring their full potential. If you are committed to the success of your organisation then you also need to be committed to your own personal development.

We will support you in facilitating internal programmes and activites focused on development or enhancement of the values-driven culture. With mentoing, coaching and consulting we will be side-by-side with you in this journey, ensuring you stay on track until we reach a point of celebration.

Mapping Values
Celebrating Success

​Using Cultural Values Assessment  and Leadership Values Assessment tools in the end of the programme will allow you to see the progress your company has achieved, to celebrate the success and to get inspired even more to live the values that underpin your company's sustainability, growth and development.


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